Being the sole operator of a small business means being across all aspects of my enterprise.

I understand the convenience of ordering flowers in advance and having them delivered – especially if you don’t live in a major city or you are buying them for others in places like West End. However having a boutique operation allows me to stay as close to the source as possible by actually attending the wholesale market at 5am.

While it is disgustingly early for most, it’s my favourite time of day and I love the hustle and bustle of suppliers and other florists. Buying according to what’s looking most fabulous and fresh on the day has become paramount to my business.

Our suppliers send out an availability list each week and while it is an incredibly helpful guide, it doesn’t include many varieties that surprise us on any particular market day. I encourage my clients to be as open as possible in regards to flower preferences to allow for the unexpected.or my part as a floral artist. I find being at the market sparks my creative flow and challenges me to push the boundaries with shape and colour combinations.