Everyone is always asking me what my favourite flower is-this is just too hard a question for a florist! As the seasons evolve I am constantly inspired based on what amazing specimens I spot at the Brisbane market and how best to utilize them. Springtime is obviously an incredibly abundant time of year where flowers are steroidal and selection is extensive. I’ve popped a little list together of my most-loved spring blooms which I’ve had so much fun with creating for online orders, photoshoots and weddings. How does your list compare?

-tall, whimsically-shaped branches that are full of white or peachy pink flowers-these guys amazing to use in both sculptural and soft arrangements

-particularly voluminous from Redlands Fresh Flowers who specialise in frill varieties, these come in a wide variety of pastel and deep tones and the bunches are huge!

-native to the bushland around Sydney, they appear delicate but are deceptively strong with dancing white fabric-like flowers and silver-green centres-flannels are perfect for creating ‘pops’ in your arrangements

-otherwise known as paper or everlasting daisies, these native babies are available in both soft and bright tones and have a unique papery texture, meaning they maintain their colour and structure for a long time

-in my opinion this looks best en masse to capitalize on its amazing, sweeping movement. Tall lush green or soft green foliage with tiny white/red/purple/yellow flowers throughout the length of the stems

-beautiful in either a vase at home or in wedding florals, ranuncs emulate springtime with their delicate nature. Perfectly round with multi-petal layering, my favourite is the deep, moody burgundy tone

-the funnest flowers on my list, these bright green bouncing clusters of goodness resemble mini hydrangea and are awesome for creating a ‘coral-like’ effect

-Redlands Fresh Flowers grow my favourite local roses-awesome 10-stem bunches that come in a wide variety of pastel and bright tones. Only some are ‘reflexable’ and fragrant, but ALL have massive heads and are long-lasting

-available in burgundy and white, I adore these for their English garden vibe, long, free-spirited stems and jumbo UFO-shaped blooms

-otherwise known as wonderflower or Star of Bethlehem, this is a flower that gets more rewarding by the day with its green buds giving way to crisp white florets

-the funky sister of the traditional iris, I love to use these beauties as the focal point in renaissance-style vessels