I was 23 and feeling a little lost after spending the previous two years having the time of my life in South America. Before my incredible journey, I was a hairdresser in my hometown of Brisbane which gave some really handy practical skills and life experience. I loved the job and my colleagues but I lacked the necessary passion to see my future in it.

Backpacking overseas as a young person brought up questions about what was to become of me when I got back to the ‘real world’-my only certainty was that I wanted my next chapter to be practical yet artful.

Since as long as I can remember, I have adored being in gardens, listening to my mother going gaga over interesting flowering specimens. Her passion transferred to me over the years and I decided to take that and run with it! I figured the parts I loved about hairdressing (namely mastering scissor skills and connecting with people) would apply easily to my next step.

I took on work experience at a suburban florist who really invested time in teaching me the basics and I was quickly obsessed by all facets of floristry. It became clear how much there was to continually learn in this industry-not only with seasonality of flowers, but the variety of services I could provide through weekly corporate instalments, weddings and events of every kind. The options felt endless and I was so excited to be a part of it, especially the thrill of early mornings at the market. Whilst a trainee, I completed a course at a floristry school, leading to paid positions. In every new workplace, I was exposed to such talented people who were generous and excited to teach me their tips and tricks.

Three years later, I took my experience and youthful confidence to Sydney where my floristry development really took off!