Prior to March of this year when the COVID crisis started, my business had been running for only 11 months. I had a list of varied clients for whom I provided weekly flowers to adorn their homes and fashion stores, and others where I had created floralscapes for beautiful events at venues across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I hustled to win these opportunities and I felt like my business plan was coming together ahead of schedule. I had such a busy year ahead with multiple events and weddings to plan and was completely psyched!

All changed due to an unprecedented global pandemic. Like so many others in my position, the majority of my work was lost almost overnight and I have to admit there were a few weeks there where I suffered mental paralysis.

Thankfully, I woke up one day having had enough of my mood and thought I’d better get on with things! I had always done some floral gift-giving but I never considered it my mainstay in business. As COVID restrictions intensified and people weren’t able to visit their loved ones, demand for flower deliveries sky-rocketed and I set up an online ordering system quickly.

As freight and logistics were severely hit during that period, flower availability was limited to locally-grown products only. In turn, this challenged me to think and create outside the box and gave me a whole new appreciation for the amazing product our local suppliers grow.

While the world was going crazy, more people were sending flowers as a way of saying they loved and missed their friends and family and my heart is warmed to think I helped in that process.              Flower freight from interstate and overseas is slowly returning to normal and here in Queensland we’ve been able to socialise relatively normally for a while now. My focus now is continuing to grow the gift business whilst also ramping up the events as they gradually return.