It can easily upset the bride to find out that their favorite flower is not available for their big day. As different native Australian flowers grow in different seasons, you should find out which flowers grow seasonally and which ones grow throughout the year as you plan your event.

Types of Native Flowers in Australia

This quick guide will help you choose the best native flowers in season for your floral arrangement.

1. Desert flame

This flower is perennial and is available throughout the year. The golden yellow petals and silver-grey foliage look stunning and complement the bouquet. It grows best in the full sun and most soil types.

2. Lily Pilly

The evergreen Lily Pilly tree produces fragrant white flowers early in summer, and they add an interesting character to the floral arrangement.

3. Waratah

It’s arguably one of the most beautiful native flowers, with striking bold red petals that bloom in spring. The Waratah flower does well in part sun, and it’s one of the most easily recognizable flowers in a bouquet.

4. Sturt’s Desert Pea

The Sturt’s Desert Pea is famous for its attractive red petals that have a pea-like center, and it’s a popular choice for Aussies who love red.

5. Kangaroo Paw

If you’re into tubular flowers, Kangaroo Paw is probably a favorite. It has different colors, including red, yellow, pink, and soft white, with strap-like leaves.

6. Pink (Common) Heath

Pink heath has a characteristic Crimson color, and it grows well in well-drained sandy soil and can bloom in full sun or part shade. Pruning after flowering maintains the bushy shape. The Pink heath plant can grow up to 1metre tall but can also be a 50cm shrub depending on how you prune it.

7. Golden wattle

The Golden Wattle is Australia’s national flower, and its characteristic golden-yellow petals make them easily stand out in a floral arrangement. It rapidly grows to bloom at a young age and can tolerate both extremes of heat and cold. And as long as the soil is well-drained, the flower will bloom early enough for picking before your next event.

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