As you plan your theme for your next event, choosing the right flowers can help grace the occasion with vivid colors for the guests to admire. Keep in mind that the color, shape, size, and texture of each flower contribute to the bouquets’ overall look and, ultimately, the entire floral arrangement.

Native Floral Designs and Arrangements

Each flower has a unique character; let’s explore a few of them.

· Desert Flame

The small thin petals of the desert flame are striking in appearance, and a few of them add to the bouquet’s beauty. They have vivid yellow-orange color and are always a popular option.

· Grevillea

This wild-looking flower grows as a native shrub and can range in size, from small and mid-sized to tall screening flowers. The red, vivid petals will easily stand out in your floral arrangement.

· Pink Rock Lily

This delicate looking flower can come in different colors, from pure white, to pink and even purple. They will look great in the bouquet.

Other native varieties like the Canberra Bells, Kangaroo Paw, Aussie Box, Bottle brushes, Australian Honeysuckles, and Waxflower are just a few examples of popular options for native Australian flowers.

Native Floral Arrangements

We can help you design any of these three floral arrangements to create stunning outcomes.

1. Elliptical Floral Arrangement

Here, flowers are placed in an ellipse form, mixing in different types of flowers, to create the desired outcomes. This arrangement is ideal for any event, and you can experiment on largescale, placing the bouquets in strategic places of the event venue.

2. Triangular Floral Arrangement

As the name suggests, flowers are either arranged in a triangular formation or trimmed to shape. A flower with brightly-colored petals, such as a red rose, is usually added in the middle to complete the appearance.

3. Linear Floral Arrangements

Similar flowers are arranged in straight rows, forming a linear pattern. This style lets you decide the length of the whole arrangement, and you can choose to have just three rows or even more than five to create an overwhelming first impression on your guests.

As long as you follow the basics of design with regards to color, shape, texture, and size when choosing the flowers, foliage, and matching floral accessories, you will easily pull off a great design for your floral arrangement.

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