What would weddings be without neatly-arranged native floral bouquets?

As a bride-to-be, getting perfect flowers for your big day may sound like an uphill task, but only when you have no idea what to include in your must-have list. Fortunately, Wildplay Flora is ready to offer Brisbane and the Gold Coast floral arrangements, giving a perfect style for any modern wedding ceremony. Here are the top three native blooms that can make your wedding sweet, glamorous, and dainty without having to break the bank.


Did you know that the Protea originated from South Africa? The fact that it falls under the predominantly-grown Australian native flowers makes it perfect for Aussie weddings. If you have ever come across blooms that are closely related to the Grevillea family, you will surely marvel at the strikingly-pretty petals. If pink or white are your favorite colors, you should consider going for the King Protea, which looks best when left unopened. Alternatively, the Pink Ice’s pink hue, textural finishing and visually-appealing petals make the best bouquet centerpiece.

Waratah (Telopea speciosissima)

If your idea of a perfect floral arrangement depends on anything that mimics red rose flowers, then the powerful Waratah will impress you. The red-colored flower is nurtured for the cut flower industry in white. When you combine a bouquet of white Waratah with the gorgeous Thryptomene along with green-grey foliage, you end up with a perfect native-themed Australian wedding of a lifetime. The unique fact about Waratah is that they can withstand the heat without wilting. Does that not sound like the perfect must-have for all-year weddings?

Paper Daisy (Xerochrysum bracteatum)

Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons for weddings. You will want flowers that bloom during this period. The paper daisy is one of those floral bouquets that come in pink, white, and yellow variants. These feminine colors make it a perfect choice for your wedding theme. To add an extra touch of femininity, go for smaller blooms to make your guests feel at home and look forward to enjoying the event.

It is your big day, so getting the perfect floral arrangement for your wedding is something you would not want to take lightly. While traditional flowers may seem like a convenient idea, you can never underestimate the power of native flowers such as these. So if your wedding venue is based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Wildplay Flora will be at your service.